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The advances in life are notorious and in most of them very good and positive but with this the rhythm of life has created different diseases, which also affect our soul, spirit and body.

This is why the growth of spirituality began.

The world has become an endless race, it is increasingly difficult to get ahead and achieve the goals that each one and society imposes on us.

All this has its consequences, such as stress, depression, anxiety and many things that have to do with the soul and spirit. 

We can help to clear away a lot of the doubt around you, and offer the affirmation you need to further you in your life path, and help you to find the strength and guidance you need to embark on a new journey.

We have assisted people for many years on how to help solve or improve their health, psychological patterns, love and relationship situations, as well as helping people that are struggling with any personal matters or life questions.

Receive our guidance and healing sessions with Victoria & Isaac to a much happier life also, by giving you the reasons ‘why’ things are happening the way they are.

Be prepared to know and see! and change anything you want!

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Victoria  is a beautiful soul. From a young age she was very connected with different galactic and intergalactic beings and others cosmic beings, different energies that help her to heal and also teach her how to use her energies to heal others, using cosmic technology, like prisma light transmitted through his body.   

She inherited her gift from her ancestral star family. Victoria came to the physical body from Pleiades constellation and her home star is Pleione.

Her cosmic family took her under their wings and became her teachers and mentors. Victoria learned that being aware of what we are as energies is a true blessing and meant to share with others to guide and heal in this life. Victoria had over infinity years on experience in giving healing, meditation techniques professionally helping others all over the world with her cosmic knowledge.

Victoria is also psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, one of the gifts that she have is to read voices and recognize your soul star and cosmic family with exactly name you came from. 

Her abilities include spiritual intuitive counseling and clairvoyant giving true accurate and detailed readings. Victoria has always been sensitive and compassionate with all my clients, wanting them to feel in a safe and secure with getting their reading. 



Psychic Healer With more than 10 years of experience at Bioenergetics, Cellular quantum healing  and Arcturians Crystal light codes sessions. I feel more than ready to assist you in any problem. Psychic Healing is the key to reach out and understand your inner being. Only your inner being knows what you really need for a optimal life and how to make it happen!

Issac is also Medicinal Biomagnetism certified therapist by the "Isaac Goiz Duran School of Medical Biomagnetism".
Biomagnetism is a technique that allows us to identify, classify, correct, predict and prevent diseases of the human body by identifying and correcting the pH using etheric magnets.

By stabilizing the pH of the organs, we correct dysfunctions and eliminate viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites that are the main causes of diseases in humans.

The bioenergetic  system consists of the detection and recognition of altered energy points in the human body through bioenergetic tracking with the aim of finding dysfunctions, blockages or imbalances, and correcting them through the application of magnetic fields using teleportation and quantum magnets etheric form on the body.

Etheric magnets influence the body's electricity and this in turn influences it biochemistry. By restoring the proper flow of electrons in the body, we can promote many of its normal functions without causing alterations. 

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